Cherry Lane United Methodist Church
Monday, August 10, 2020

New Organ

It is with great excitement that The Organ Committee announces that our goal of raising $29,000 needed to purchase our new organ has been achieved!  We thank all those who donated, including members and friends of Cherry Lane. We are grateful and amazed that this happened in such a short period of time.  The organ committee has moved forward with scheduling the delivery and installation of our new Allen Organ. As we welcome the arrival of our new instrument we also officially say goodbye to our current organ which has served us well for the past 27 years ... playing for over 1,400 worship services and many weddings and funerals.  Once the new organ has settled in (including follow up voicing and adjustments by the organ company), we will schedule a Sunday afternoon dedication concert after Easter. Thank you again to ALL who made this dream become a reality in just over three months time. Let us continue to make a joyful noise!

The Organ Committee

Lee Munch & Gary Raish, co-chairs

To God be the glory!


Organ Committee,

   David Brong         Rev. Larry Mark              Katy Raish

   Corliss Hoke         Lee Munch (co-chair)     Gary Raish (co-chair)

   Loretta Kistler      Eileen Pasquin                Linda Snyder