Cherry Lane United Methodist Church
Monday, August 10, 2020

Memorial Garden

For centuries, burial places have been provided near churches so that the remains of deceased members may rest close to their earthly spiritual homes.  Changes in traditional burial customs has seen significant increased practice of cremation.  In response to cremation and interment as a form of burial, Cherry Lane United Methodist Church has established a Memorial Garden; a place where the cremated remains of church members, relatives, and friends may be interred.   In addition to a final resting place for loved ones, the Memorial Garden is also a peaceful place of tranquil beauty to pray, meditate, give thanks for lives that have been shared, and remember and celebrate life eternal.  Along with plants, shrubs, ground cover and benches, there will be a plaque displaying the names and dates of birth and death of those memorialized.

The Garden will be maintained and cared for by the church’s cemetery steward, under the direction of the Trustees.

The Memorial Garden

was dedicated

 in 2017


~ Interment Guidelines ~

·       Cremated remains will be interred in the garden area.  The ashes will be placed directly into the soil and urns or containers are not allowed.

·       At the time of the interment service, arrangements of flowers may be placed in the Memorial Garden. These flowers will be removed by the cemetery steward after they have faded and died.

·       In order to ensure the beauty, integrity, and peacefulness of the garden, commemorative plantings, flags or decorations are not allowed and will be removed if placed there.

·       No individual markers will be used to identify interment sites in the Memorial Garden.

·       The name and dates of birth & death of those interred or memorialized in the Memorial Garden will be recorded on a memorial plaque located in the garden area.

·       Interment records shall be maintained by the cemetery steward.

·       A loved one may be memorialized with name and dates on the plaque even though the remains are not interred there (same fees apply).

·      If needed, the cemetery steward will assist with interment of ashes and any fees for this service will be paid directly to him/her.


~ Eligibility ~


Interment of cremated remains or memorialization is open to all members of Cherry Lane United Methodist Church and their immediate family (including spouse, child, sibling or parent). 


Other requests for extended family or non-church members with Cherry Lane connections may be granted with approval by the cemetery steward and Trustees.


~ Fees ~

Deceased was a member of Cherry Lane United Methodist Church                               


 Deceased was a non-church member


 Includes: name and dates on memorial plaque and perpetual care of the garden area. 


Contact for the Memorial Garden application.